Comparative Analyses of Digital Payment Methods from the Pre and Post COVID-19 Perspective

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Rajat, Monica Nirolia


Now-a-days world is becoming digitalized in every field and one of the best example of this is various countries in the world are moving towards becoming a cashless society. A cashless society is the one which doesn’t use cash for any of its transaction instead all the transactions are done digitally. There are various countries in the world which have more than 50% of their transactions through cashless methods. This paper is all about the digital payment applications in India with special reference to COVID-19. It entails the perception of customers towards digital payment applications in India. This paper also shows the comparison of pre-covid period and covid affected period growth of digital payments. This study also attempted to identify the major problems faced by the customers while using digital payment applications. Primary & Secondary data was used in this study and the survey was collected through a structured questionnaire. Various tools and techniques were used for analysis of data i.e. Mann-Whitney U test, Kruskal-Wallis test and Mean analysis. SPSS 25 and MS Excel were used for investigation of data. APA (7th Edition) reference styling was used for references with the help of Zotero software. The study found that COVID-19 has a positive impact on the digital payment system. COVID-19 plays a vital role in transforming the Indian cash economy into cashless economy and also contributes in the financial inclusion initiative.

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Rajat, Monica Nirolia. (2024). Comparative Analyses of Digital Payment Methods from the Pre and Post COVID-19 Perspective. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 116–126.