Meme Marketing: Leveraging Internet Culture's Influence for Digital Marketing towards customer retention

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Surjadeep Dutta, Premjeet Kumar, Arivazhagan.R, Yaaseen Masvood


Meme marketing is a new trend in digital marketing that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves the use of memes to promote products or services on social media platforms. Memes are humorous images, videos, or pieces of text that are widely shared on social media. This form of marketing can be effective in engaging younger audiences who are more likely to use and share memes. However, it can also be risky as memes can quickly become outdated or offensive, and may not resonate with all audiences. Businesses must research popular and relevant memes and ensure they fit naturally into their marketing strategy. The study begins by delving into the origins and characteristics of memes, which are rapidly evolving visual or textual elements shared across online platforms. Memes have become an integral part of internet culture, serving as a universal language that transcends demographic boundaries. By integrating memes into marketing strategies, brands can tap into this shared cultural experience to establish a genuine connection with their target audience. Furthermore, the paper explores the psychological aspects of humor and relatability in marketing, emphasizing how memes can evoke positive emotions and strengthen the emotional bond between the brand and its customers. The viral nature of memes ensures that the brand message spreads rapidly, reaching a wider audience and potentially increasing customer retention rates. In conclusion, meme marketing can be a fun and engaging way to connect with customers on social media, but it should be approached with caution and strategic planning. Meme marketing has become a popular form of content in social media marketing. Memes are humorous, relatable, and shareable, making them an effective way to grab the attention of social media users. Meme marketing can help brands to connect with younger audiences who are more likely to use and share memes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Memes can be used in a variety of ways in social media marketing, such as to promote a new product, announce a sale or promotion, or to create brand awareness. They can also be used to show the human side of a brand, by sharing funny or relatable content that resonates with the target audience.

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Surjadeep Dutta, Premjeet Kumar, Arivazhagan.R, Yaaseen Masvood. (2024). Meme Marketing: Leveraging Internet Culture’s Influence for Digital Marketing towards customer retention. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 134–148.