Human Resource Practices Aimed at Enhancing Long Term Employability

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Dr. Brototi Mistri


The study is to understand the importance of Human resources and employment in three major sectors Manufacturing sector, Agricultural sector and Tertiary sector. With transformation, growth and development it’s only the human resources and their application of mind which is making it possible to move towards the development in business. Taking a few key examples of well-known Indian Companies like Reliance, Tata, and Birla. Key Practices have been identified such as Training and development, Appraisals, Compensation, ESOP and Recognition. It is important to not only Recruit the candidates but also to retain them for long term employability. So the purpose of the study is to understand what are the job opportunities available in these sectors and what good employee practices are followed by companies to care and retain the employees.HR plays an important role and face challenges how best they can include the human resources as a business partner. The companies those are really doing well are because of their people because they are all well trained and treated with dignity. This is a descriptive Research paper.

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Mistri, D. B. (2024). Human Resource Practices Aimed at Enhancing Long Term Employability. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 259–262.