Growth and Development of Dairy Industry in India

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G. Balasubramanian


 Dairy Products play a vast function in the international food enterprise, offering an extensive range of nutritious and delicious options for purchasers worldwide. This paper gives an outline of dairy Products, highlighting their significance, sorts, manufacturing methods, and nutritional cost. Dairy products are derived from milk, that is received from diverse animal assets, broadly speaking cows, however additionally goats, sheep, and buffaloes. The maximum is not unusual for dairy Products consisting of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and cream. Each of these products undergoes processing strategies to transform milk into its various bureaucracy. Dairy Products embodies a big selection of nutritious and delicious alternatives that cater to exclusive tastes and options. From milk to cheese, butter to yogurt, and ice cream to cream, dairy products provide versatility in culinary applications and make contributions to a balanced weight loss program. Understanding the production methods and nutritional value of these products helps customers make knowledgeable choices and enjoy the many benefits of dairy in their daily lives.

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