Cutting-Edge Agriculture Technology: Transforming Farming for a Sustainable Future

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G. Balasubramanian


Cutting-edge agriculture technology, known as AgriTech, is revolutionizing the agricultural industry by integrating innovative solutions to address pressing challenges in food production, resource optimization, and sustainability. The adoption of precision farming techniques, such as data analytics, IoT devices, and remote sensing, enables farmers to optimize resource allocation, improve crop yields, and reduce environmental impact. Advanced technologies like vertical farming, hydroponics, and robotics maximize productivity while conserving land, water, and energy. Biotechnology and genetic engineering offer opportunities to develop crops with enhanced traits, promoting resilience to pests, diseases, and climate change. the cutting-edge agriculture technology holds immense promise for transforming farming practices and achieving a sustainable future. This paper provides an overview of the transformative potential of cutting-edge agriculture technology, highlighting its key features, benefits, and challenges.

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G. Balasubramanian. (2024). Cutting-Edge Agriculture Technology: Transforming Farming for a Sustainable Future. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 463–473.