Green Banking Revolution in India: A Strategies for Sustainable Development in The Indian Economy

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Dr. Prakash V, Dr. Samir Dubey, Dr. Shilpa Sachdeva
Dr. Prashant Mishra, Avinash Kumar Mishra, Dr. Indrajeet Ramdas Bhagat


The Green Banking Revolution in India tackles a critical shift in the way the country's economy views sustainable development. This innovative initiative aims to adapt the banking sector to environmental consciousness by integrating eco-friendly practices into financial plans. By emphasising trustworthy banking, the initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact of financial institutions and promote a peaceful coexistence of economic growth and environmental preservation. People have been living in extreme luxury during the globalisation and industrialization era, but there has also been a great deal of demand for environmental corruption. As a crucial segment of the populace, buyers have evolved into knowledgeable individuals when it comes to handling pressing environmental concerns. To safeguard typical resources and the environment, associations have begun seeking after environmental sensibility. Concerns in regards to their environmental sensibility are as of now developing because of the far and wide acknowledgment of the business' social obligation among delegates, clients, society, managerial experts, and others. Being a huge player in the financial business, banks have started to add to sustainable development and are credited with making "green banking." These financial institutions have been zeroing in on their twofold obligations to advance sustainable development. In their ability as critical arbiters, banks have started to focus on essential affiliations' regions to additional the reason for sustainable development. This article will look at banks' commitments to safeguard the climate by carrying out green banking rehearses.

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Dr. Shilpa Sachdeva, D. P. V. D. S. D., & Dr. Indrajeet Ramdas Bhagat, D. P. M. A. K. M. (2024). Green Banking Revolution in India: A Strategies for Sustainable Development in The Indian Economy. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 508–514.