Decoding The Covert Messages in Advertising: A Semiotics Case Study of Navi Mumbai

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Peri Nimisha Rajasri, Aahna Garg, Kangan Dave, Swarali Rao


Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols, and how they are used to communicate meaning. It helps advertisers understand how different signs and symbols are interpreted by consumers of different groups. This helps companies in framing messages which can easily convey the exact message to the right target customers and audience. Signs include various colors, shapes, and images to evoke feelings as each of these is associated with specific emotions and feelings. The proper usage of the colors and symbols creates an impact and the advertisement is registered in the audience’s mind.

Semiotics gives marketers an effective medium to communicate the meaning past words, utilizing signs and images that help in creating a brand identity and generate brand recall amongst the people. By utilizing components such as logos, colors, and symbolism, marketers make a visual impact that rises above phonetic clutter and encourages prompt acknowledgment. This enhances brand review and differentiation in an increasingly cluttered advertising scene.


Semiotics plays a significant part within the domain of how shoppers see and decipher brand messages. This study aims to study its significant impact on shopper behavior, brand personality, and social reverberation.

The study has been carried out in and around Navi Mumbai. Respondents mainly comprised marketing students, teachers and professionals among others. To understand the preference of consumers in depth, various tests like Chi Square, Anova, regression analysis and t tests were carried out by the researchers. Primarily, they reveal that consumer preference varies across age groups and various elements of semiotics have an impact on brand recognition. The managerial implications of each of the tested objectives have been discussed in detail further in the paper.

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Kangan Dave, Swarali Rao, P. N. R. A. G. (2024). Decoding The Covert Messages in Advertising: A Semiotics Case Study of Navi Mumbai. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 534–544.