Navigating Role Conflict: Strategies Employed by Entrepreneurs and their Impact on Entrepreneurial Success

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Sandhya P Zingade, Hemanth Kumar S


Role conflict is a pervasive challenge faced by entrepreneurs as they navigate the intricate web of responsibilities associated with leadership, innovation, management, and personal life. The successful management of these conflicting roles is paramount for entrepreneurial success.

The effective management of role conflict holds profound implications for entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs who adeptly navigate the delicate balance between diverse roles are better positioned to achieve their objectives, foster innovation, and build resilient organizations. Conversely, unresolved role conflicts may lead to burnout, reduced job satisfaction, and impaired decision-making – factors that can significantly hinder entrepreneurial success. As role conflict remains an intricate aspect of entrepreneurial endeavors, understanding the coping strategies employed by entrepreneurs becomes paramount in fostering an environment where these individuals can not only withstand the challenges posed by conflicting roles but also capitalize on them to drive sustained success and innovation.

This conceptual research paper endeavours to delve into the strategies employed by entrepreneurs to cope with role conflict and aims to elucidate how these coping mechanisms influence their overall success in the entrepreneurial landscape. The study adopts a qualitative approach, utilizing a comprehensive research design comprising interviews, surveys, and case studies to glean nuanced insights into the experiences of entrepreneurs facing role conflict. Building upon the existing body of literature on role conflict in entrepreneurship, the research employs theoretical frameworks such as role theory, resource-based view, and social identity theory to craft a conceptual model delineating the intricate relationships between coping strategies, role conflict, and entrepreneurial success.

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Sandhya P Zingade, Hemanth Kumar S. (2024). Navigating Role Conflict: Strategies Employed by Entrepreneurs and their Impact on Entrepreneurial Success. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 689–695.