Insights on Debt Behaviour: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Raman Rohilla, Shweta Anand


This article conducts a comprehensive analysis of debt behaviour research, examining its evolving trends, influential authors, intellectual structure, collaborative networks, and thematic evolution. Through a systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis utilizing the Bibliometrix R-package, a dataset of 138 meticulously selected documents from the Scopus database is analysed. Findings reveal a notable increase in research productivity, with concentrations in finance, consumer studies, and marketing disciplines. Scientific mapping uncovers three knowledge structures: conceptual, thematic, and intellectual. This comprehensive examination offers invaluable insights into the scholarly landscape of debt behaviour research, serving as a vital resource for researchers and policymakers alike.

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Raman Rohilla, Shweta Anand. (2024). Insights on Debt Behaviour: A Bibliometric Analysis. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1s), 147–160.