A Pivotal Study on Electric Vehicles’ Purchase Intention in Delhi-NCR, India

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Barkha Rani. Priyanka


Governments everywhere are adopting policies that encourage the use of electric vehicles to reduce dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The Indian government, too, has placed several policies to encourage users across the country to use electric vehicles. However, the results have not been quite impressive. Therefore, the researchers wanted to understand the reasons for the same. After a thorough literature review, it became clear that people around the world are not very aware of the benefits of electric cars. So, the current study focused on two major objectives. First, to understand the level of awareness among Indian users regarding electric vehicles. Second, investigate the effect of awareness on customer purchase intention. The study's conclusions will add to the current discussion about the viability and uptake of electric automobiles in the Delhi-NCR area. These findings can be utilized by policymakers, automobile manufacturers, and interested parties to develop focused marketing strategies, implement appropriate incentives, and establish the necessary infrastructure to accelerate the change in Delhi-NCR's transportation system to one that is more sustainable and friendly to the environment.

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Barkha Rani. Priyanka. (2024). A Pivotal Study on Electric Vehicles’ Purchase Intention in Delhi-NCR, India. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1s), 210–215. https://doi.org/10.52783/eel.v14i1s.1361