The Shifting Landscape: Exploring the Change in B-School Faculty Attitudes towards Online Teaching

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Ankush Sharma, Ashish Sood


The COVID-19 pandemic forced a major shift in higher education, catapulting B-schools into the realm of online delivery. While initial reluctance was evident, this study delves into the changing attitudes of B-school faculty towards online teaching. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data from surveys and interviews, the paper unpacks the initial skepticism, adaptation process, and emergent perspectives on the potential and challenges of online education. It analyses factors influencing attitude change, explores the perceived benefits and drawbacks, and identifies key concerns for future development. The research concludes by highlighting the need for ongoing support, pedagogical training, and technological advancements to foster a sustainable and effective online learning ecosystem for B-schools.


The once-monolithic landscape of business education has been irrevocably fractured by the tectonic shift towards online learning. In the epicentre of this transformation, B-school faculty – initially clinging to the familiar shores of classroom interactions – have embarked on a fascinating journey of evolving perspectives. This paper delves into the intricate dance between resistance and acceptance, charting the factors that fueled the initial skepticism, the catalysts that propelled change, and the current climate of cautious embrace and active reinvention. Through a kaleidoscope of literature, case studies, and surveys, we illuminate the pedagogical challenges and opportunities unique to the digital realm, the impact on faculty workload and development, and the potential for reshaping the future of business education.

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Ankush Sharma, Ashish Sood. (2024). The Shifting Landscape: Exploring the Change in B-School Faculty Attitudes towards Online Teaching. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 08–13.