Analyzing Behavioral Biases in Finance Operations of Self-Help Groups

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Taniya Paul, Amalesh Bhowal


Women's role in society has evolved from a matter of gender restrictions to one of equal participation in the decision-making process and their overall well-being. Women's empowerment has thus become a key factor in the development of the community in both social and economic terms. Studies have demonstrated that women's self-help group participation has had a significant impact on their lives and empowered them from the ground up. However, despite demonstrating their abilities, they still face discrimination in the economic field compared to their male counterparts. This study utilized basic statistical tools to analyze the behavioral pattern of behavior finance in the procurement and utilization of finance functions of women's Self-Help Groups in Assam. The results of the study, which was conducted on 100 respondents of Self-Help Groups on South Block, Golaghat District in Assam, demonstrate a positive effect of self-serving and mental accounting biases on the functioning of financial functions in Self-Help Groups.

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Taniya Paul, Amalesh Bhowal. (2024). Analyzing Behavioral Biases in Finance Operations of Self-Help Groups. European Economic Letters (EEL), 14(1), 50–62.