Published: 2022-09-17

Occupational Health Hazards for Employees in the Leather Industry

Raman Batra, Vinod Kapse, Harsh Awasthi, Amit Yadav, Rajnish Kumar

Health-Care Consumption amongst Tea Garden Workers in India

Praveen Soneja, Priyanka Malhotra, Smita Singh, Narendra Sahai, Swarupanjali Padhi

Hearing Problem and Its Causes in Workers of an Automobile Manufacturing Unit

Praveen Soneja, Raman Batra, Sanjay Kumar, Smita Singh, Rupa Mazumder

Occupational Health and Safety Complications with Tea Workers in Assam

Praveen Soneja, Amit Yadav, Harsh Awasthi, Avijit Mazumder